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Educating with Neuroscience 2016 Conference



9:00 AM

Welcome & Insights from Education Conversations on the Learning Capacity Podcast
by Conference Host David Stanley

9:30 AM

Building a Culture of Thinking in Your School - Simon Brooks

Thinking routines for educators to build students who delight in their learning, develop deep and lasting understanding, and become critical and creative thinkers

10:30 AM

The Neuroscience Learning Revolution & How Attention Adaptivity is being Harnessed for Stronger Education Outcomes
Dr Steve Miller, neuroscientist

11:30 AM

The Possibilities of Leveraging School Assets with Adult Neuroscience Services
Nicola Glew, dual country special education teacher

12:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Educational Neuroscience & Emerging Themes in Education

12:30 PM LUNCH
1:30 PM

Lesson from 4 Year Journey Weaving Neuroscience into a Whole School Solution –
Bruce Horman, Head of Junior School

2:15 PM

Overcoming Challenges of WIFI, Networks & Chromebooks – an IT Manager’s Perspective on Implementing Neuroscience
Ros Lee, IT Manager at Otumoetai College, New Zealand

2:45 PM

The Evidence That Teachers Can Build Brains and How They do That
Assoc. Prof. Dr Martha Burns

3:30 PM

Panel Discussion: Educational Neuroscience – How to Best Make it Work in Your School







Dr Steve Miller - Chief Scientist at Nervanix

A neuroscientist and education technology innovator. Dr Steve Miller has taught undergraduate and graduate courses and has extensive experience in research programs in neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology including large multi-site research initiatives on the neural basis of brain plasticity and learning.

He has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications including numerous research studies, commercial software programs and U.S. Patents.

More about Dr Steve Miller.



Simon Brooks - Educator - Facilitator - Change Agent

Simon Brooks is an education innovator, and fellow of the Project Zero Institute at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He works with educators around the world to leverage the Harvard Cultures of Thinking pedagogy and build vibrant school cultures.

Simon holds an Honours degree in English Literature from the University of Wales College of Cardiff, and a Master of Educational Studies from the University of New South Wales. In 2014, he was the recipient of the prestigious UNSW Dean's Leadership Award.

More about Simon Brooks.



Dr Martha Burns - Joint Appointment Professor at Northwestern University

Dr Burns is a renowned speech and language pathologist, educator, author and leading expert on how children learn. She regularly presents on the neuroscience of learning in countries around the world. Dr Burns communicates complex neuroscience research findings in simple terms and translates them into practical strategies that teachers can use to improve learning for all students.

Her expertise also covers learning difficulties including dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, ADHD and autism.
Many Australian and New Zealand educators have enjoyed hearing Dr Burns present at past conferences in Melbourne, Sydney & Auckland. Dr Burns will present the evidence that teachers can build brains, and how they do that.



Ros Lee - ICT Manager at Otumoetai College, New Zealand

Ros Lee and her in-house technical team support a total of approximately 1,000 desktops, laptops and Chromebooks. Her key focus is supporting and enabling teachers and learners to use technology as a tool.   

Ros was struck by the fascinating intersection of science, technology and learning as an approach to helping students with learning difficulties, and in conjunction with the Head of Supported Learning, implemented Fast ForWord in 2014. Now in the third year of expanding its use, Ros will talk on overcoming the IT challenges.



Bruce Horman -  Head of Junior School with Responsibility for Learning Support

Bruce Horman loves being a teacher.  He has taught in Australia and the USA and across all primary grades over the last 30+ years. He combines his role as Head of Junior School with responsibility for Learning Support. Five years ago Bruce made a decision to implement a neuroscience program to help boost learning outcomes. In 2015, the program was expanded to all year 3 students.

Bruce will discuss the challenges and learnings from the past 5 years. He will talk from a head of school view - resources, staff impact, timetable vs curriculum delivery and of course the results.



Nicola Glew - Dual Country Special Ed Teacher Extending Neuroscience to Adults   

Nicola has initiated and implemented neuroscience programs in schools in New Zealand & Australia. She has spoken about this to thousands of educators across New Zealand at the "Brain Changer" conferences. Nicola has post graduate qualifications in Special Education.

Outside her teaching commitments she has a private practice - “Fast Learning NZ”. There she does remedial work with students, and has successfully used neuroscience programs with adults who have brain injuries, strokes and age related loss of word memory.

Nicola will share some of the possibilities for schools to extend their community engagement to adult learners.