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About the Conferences

The inaugural Educating with Neuroscience conference was held in Melbourne in 2016. It was so successful in helping educators understand how to apply the power of brain science research in their schools, that in 2017 it expanded to:

  • Melbourne and Sydney, Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Principals, other school leaders and teachers learnt about the latest educational neuroscience research, how that research has been translated into practical tools for educators and workshoped using the new “Teaching & Learning Toolkit”.

About the Sponsors

The LearnFast Group

Delivering the world’s best neuroscience solutions for learning since 1999. Based in Sydney, Australia The LearnFast Group is the leader in applied educational neuroscience in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

BrainFit Studio

BrainFit Studio was founded by a team of therapists passionate about maximising human potential and dedicating itself fully towards developing and offering the most up-to-date and scientific brain fitness training programmes since 2001 for children aged 9 months to 18 years.

The brain architecture of both human general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) involves a network of interconnections among a few critical brain networks, namely attention & working memory, visual, auditory, sensory-motor and social-emotional processing. These vital cognitive skills form the focus of training at BrainFit Studio.

By building and enhancing the IQ and EQ brain networks, BrainFit Studio is able to improve children’s learning abilities, change behaviours and impact IQ scores. In other words, BrainFit Studio builds more intelligent brains!

Advance Ed

Advance Ed partners with leaders in innovative education technology solutions and advanced cognitive training systems to provide the best neuroscience-based training solutions in Thailand since 2004.

The Social Express

Based in California, The Social Express company’s mission is to significantly reduce the impact of social-emotional challenges, and help cut bullying in schools.

To achieve this, they developed and now distribute two online programs:

  • “The Social Express” program delivers teaching of social & emotional skills to primary students
  • “Cool School” is an online bullying prevention program for schools.

Scientific Learning Corporation

The Scientific Learning Corporation is committed to a world where all people achieve their learning potential.

The company’s scientists apply proven research on how the brain learns to accelerate learning, by producing patented solutions essential for academic, career, and lifelong success.

Scientific Learning Corporation was founded by 4 neuroscientists in the 1996, following publication of their initial trials of the forerunner to the Fast ForWord program in the prestigious journal Science in 1995.

The founding scientists were:

About educational neuroscience and how it can help teachers

The developing discipline of educational neuroscience takes discoveries in the brain sciences from the last few decades and applies them to pedagogy. It provides educators with a scientific basis for understanding how the brain learns and hence redefines some of the best practices in teaching.

Educational neuroscience also offers new ways of looking at the learning problems teachers grapple with every day. When educators understand how the anatomy of the brain works and link this to how students learn, they are better equipped to prepare effective curriculum delivery in their classrooms.

This changes the focus from “what content to deliver” to “how to help students more effectively take in the content”. Educational neuroscience is a new frontier that can lead to enhanced learning for all and greater leverage of existing investment by individual schools, school systems and governments.


Educational neuroscience in leading universities 

Universities in the USA & UK now offer advanced studies in educational neuroscience, including:


Leading education organisations have special interest groups for education and neuroscience. For example:


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