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Pictures and Comments from ENS Conferences

 Here are a few pictures from past conferences in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, plus comments from some of the educators who attended.

"The ENS 2016 conference highlighted how inadequate our education system is and how there are so many options for improvement".

"I’ve been interested in neuroscience in the classroom for a long time. This ENS 2016 conference has renewed my desire to learn more and to understand that what we do as educators can be enhanced for all our learners".

"The ENS 2016 conference provided excellent networking opportunities and the content was very applicable to the classroom. I learnt a lot and will definitely attend next year".

"Came last year and this year helped consolidate my understanding".

"Very beneficial, will be able to use and practice in the classroom. Many skills, I have attained today".

"Great presenters, well-informed, one presenter linked well to another."

"Highlights how important it is to be aware of current research especially neuroscience".

"Great presentations, delivered with humour".

"Really enjoyed it and so glad I came. Reinforced lots of practice we're already doing in terms of considering neuroscience and learning. Wonderful to have such great speakers available to us".

"Well organised, interesting and relevant to our schools. Thank you".

"Informative, research of brain development, teacher and parents need to know this".

"Really Interesting, great to be able to hear from contemporary academics in this area, very relevant".

"Excellent speaker - so easy to listen too. He used humour to relay info. Wanted to listen so you didn't miss anything".

"Great presentation by Dr. Steve Miller, delivered with humour. Really good stuff - thank you".

"Entertaining, very interesting, so much makes sense. Thanks".

"Wonderful content, very informative, great presenter".

"Delivery was engaging and very clear main points. Thank you for validating choices I have tried to implement for student/adult learning".

"Lots of interesting information, valuable, practical tips. New research, very interesting".

"Mind blowing"

"As last year, excellent presentation, great use of language and great overview of topic/resources/improvements. Most interesting".

"Excellent presenter with important and interesting information and observation".

"Fascinating. Steve opened up a knowledge of possibilities for the brain. Sort of info I was after".

"Great to hear of new innovations and advances and applications of neuroscience".

"The ENS 2016 conference reinforced my belief, and 30 years of study, that the brain changes, that it is flexible and learning can continue throughout life".

"Thank you for promoting awareness of how to support the brain’s neuroplasticity for better learning, better attend and focus".

"Really enjoyed the day. I came to learn more and I did. Thank you".

"Great conference recommended for the future drive in Education".

"Excellent presenters - superb topics based on research".

"A fantastic day. No disappointing session".

"Great variety of topics and speakers".

"So interesting, love knowing more about how our brain works".

"Loved all of the keynotes/presenters".

"Very interesting information that teachers can apply in their learning".

"So interesting putting together all stuff I learned in the B. Psychology and all the Australia Dyslexia Association course, plus up to date research - Research - Hooray!"

"It was exciting to learn about neuroscience from a range of professionals".

"Fast moving but full of logical suggestion and research. Great presenter".

"Fantastic speaker. Explains complex ideas very simply and effectively".

"Good information about research and findings. Interesting/enthusiastic presenter".

"Very interesting. Made me much more aware of how to treat learning problems".

"Great speaker, motivational in the way the information was presented. Loved the message that learning is not really possible until we deal well the negative habits that may have formed".

"So useful and interesting. Wish more teachers could be experienced to this knowledge".

"Excellent insight into the causes and effects of stress on learning and how we can try to help".

"Very interested in exploring the effects of stress on student learning and encouraged that DNA is not destiny".

"This was a very practical session introducing situations all school teachers face. Very informative".

"Excellent information on ways/impact of stress on students - easy to understand and useful".

"Great interactions between presenter and audience. Again, very interesting, learning so much".